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Performance car parts and expert installation

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Standard mufflers to Sports exhausts

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About Trufit Exhaust

Are you looking to improve the performance of your vehicle with an improved exhaust system? Maybe you just need a new muffler, or want to carry out minor improvements in order to maximise the safety and reliability of your family car? No matter what you need from your vehicle, the experienced and professional team at Trufit Exhaust is here to make it happen.

Trufit Exhaust is a reputed company in this industry and we are known for installing and fabricating best exhaust systems for vehicles. Whether it is a custom, sports or performance exhaust, if you are looking for best exhaust system services in Melbourne, our skilled mechanics can take care of the job for you.

We are a locally owned and operated family business and have been improving Melbourne’s drive since 1985. Our fitters are second to none and provide on-site inspections and friendly service, as well as quality products such as performance exhausts, mufflers, brakes, suspension, and more. Give us a call and let’s discuss your needs.


Car Exhaust

Servicing all your undercarriage needs from the straight bolt on exhaust systems to minor repairs of rust in your tube work, Cut in Universal Mufflers and Resonators to replacement Catalytic Converters in most makes and models…

Truck Exhaust

Catering for your Truck Exhaust to keep you moving. At Trufit we know being off road time cost the operator money so the quicker you get repaired and back on the road the better you are! We stock a large range of Truck Mufflers and Mandrel Bends to get…

Motorcycle Exhaust

Improve you performance of your bike or simply just change your exhaust note to be a little different from everyone else in the bush or on the road. Exhaust modification can be done here from 1 1/4” to 2 1/4” engine pipes and limited Mufflers in stock…

4x4 Exhaust Systems

Diesel or Petrol 4wds all makes and models from dump pipe back or cat back systems. Custom made systems and extreme 4wd systems a specialty in mild steel or stainless. Trufit can also make your headers for the V8 conversion on your…

Classic Custom Exhaust
Custom Made for You

We believe custom systems cannot be achieved unless you’ve been in this industry for many years. To create the best quality Headers and Systems to increase your vehicle to its peak performance experience is the only way to achieve…

We also provide

Repairs to Generators
Repairs to Generators
Custom bending
Custom bending
for hand rails, roll bars etc
Welding repairs
Welding repairs
for gates, beds, tables etc

Performance car parts and expert installation

No matter what you drive, or what you want from your vehicle, we have the parts and expertise necessary to help you get it. We service all makes and models, and can help you improve the reliability of your family car just as easily as we can boost your performance with a sports exhaust.

If you want to improve the performance or sound of your vehicle, installing a good quality performance exhaust system can help you change your vehicle for the good. It helps the exhaust gases to escape faster from the combustion chamber so that more fuel can get burned, thereby boosting the vehicle’s performance.

We can fit a wide range of reliable parts and products, including:

  • Exhaust systems
  • Customer systems
  • Standard mufflers
  • Performance exhausts
  • Breaks and suspension
  • Sports exhausts
  • Chrome tips
  • Rubber hangers
  • Clamps
  • Flange plates

Our team can also perform a range of repairs and modification services, including custom bending, as well as minor repairs. We can also arrange mechanical upgrades and engine light removal, as well as chip and exhaust upgrades for both diesel and petrol 4WDs.
No matter what you want from your vehicle, we will go out of our way to deliver a tailored solution that gives you just what you need.

Want to build it yourself?

If you’re as passionate about cars as we are, you might want to build or upgrade your own machine. We can help out there too, by providing all of the quality parts and products you’ll need to make your project go without a hitch.

We stock a staggering range of products for all kinds of vehicles. We can provide all types of mandrel bends, header plates, flange plates, bolts, nuts and gaskets, and will be happy to consult with you to help you find the exact parts you need.

If you are working on a late model, don’t forget about all the aftermarket products that are becoming available. We have extractors, 2½” and 3” systems for Holdens, Fords, Subarus and most Japanese models.


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Agents for Jet Hot Coating
Agents for Jet Hot Coating
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25 years of Experience
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Diesel Particle Filters - DPF
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Pick up and delivery within 5 kms

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