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Muffler Brands An ultimate advice for muffler buyers

There are essentially two types of people in the market for mufflers. They are looking for different things and how they choose between muffler brands is very different.

The first type of muffler buyer is just your average driver. Performance is not an issue and the only real requirement is quiet. For these people, the “best” muffler brands are going to be production brands used for average new cars. To a large extent, it does not matter what brand they choose as modern standard mufflers are relatively equal in performance, price and durability. If they want to shop for a specific brand because it makes them feel that they are doing the right thing, their best bet is heading to auto magazines that review car parts.

The second type of muffler buyer with more complicated needs are those looking for a muffler for a performance vehicle. This group of muffler buyers often finds its collective head spinning when faced with choosing between MagnaFlow mufflers, Genie exhaust systems and Manumatic exhaust components and a boatload of other high performance exhaust options. This set must look first at sound and performance before seeking muffler advice.

Sound is a crucial issue for the performance car enthusiast. Part of the joy of having a souped up ride is people knowing you have a souped up ride. The deep intimidating rumble of a big bore engine idling and the angry whine of a small bore taccing out are both badges of honor among the performance vehicle set.

Performance itself is another consideration. For anyone who plans to push a vehicle, every single horsepower that can be gained may be the difference between joy and disaster. A racing vehicle with just a tiny boost in top end speed could flash across the finish line first, while one without that boost could be just another number in the pack. An offroad vehicle with that same extra boost could find the driver letting out a rebel yell as the vehicle powers through a bog or sand pit while the driver of a vehicle without could be stuck in the middle of the obstacle making a humiliating call for help.

For performance minded people, the best way to choose between the many performance muffler brands available is to consult someone who builds performance vehicles professionally. Such an individual has likely seen a variety of mufflers in a variety of applications and can steer someone in the right direction. Relatively speaking, the performance gains of a tuned exhaust system are minor, but anyone who really wants to get the most out of a vehicle would be wise to get an expert to help pick the best from the many muffler brands available.


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