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car exhaust & muffler repairs

We service all your undercarriage needs from the straight bolt on exhaust systems to minor repairs of rust in your tube work, Cut in universal mufflers and resonators to replacement catalytic converters in most makes and models. We also service all brake needs including pad and shoe replacements, Disc and Drum Machining Master, Wheel Cylinder and even hard and soft line replacement. Shock Absorbers Struts and Springs can be replaced if you’re after that street machine look allow us to advise you in the best advancement to achieve the optimum suspension performance.

Looking for replacing that sagging system or lowering for a sleeker look and better ride or maybe something similar that sounds better? You are at the right place, We can help you enhance your car’s Suspension, Springs, Shockers or even with Lift Kits or Lowering of the car Suspension for that cool look.

We understand how important good car exhaust systems are for cars so we only employ the latest trends and innovations to ensure that you get only the best car exhaust repairs. Our skilled mechanics can take care of all your exhaust repairs needs, from simple anomalies to complex problems

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Car Exhaust Repairs & New Installs

When we talk about the exhaust systems of the cars, there are new innovations and trends happening in this domain regularly. We have been in this business for more than 25 years and have given a paradigm shift by offering excellent services to our customers.

You can trust us to improve the performance of your car with our skilled deductions and state of the art equipment. However complex your needs might be, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to assist you with all the servicing that your vehicle requires, ensuring that your car is at its best performance.

Not just ultimate Car Exhausts Systems, we also offer:

  1. Standard or Custom Mufflers or Car Exhaust Systems
  2. Car performance Suspension, Springs, Shockers, Lift Kits and Lowering Kits
  3. Tube replacements
  4. Chrome tips
  5. Rubber hangers
  6. Straight bolts on exhaust systems
  7. Quality repairs of rust in your tube work
  8. Cut in universal mufflers and resonators
  9. Replacement of catalytic converters in different car models
  10. Brake Pad and shoe replacement
  11. Brake disc and drum machining master
  12. Hard and soft line replacement
Car Exhaust Systems

Best & Affordable Car Exhaust Work

Exhaust repairs & installation services

We ensure to provide you services that are best in the industry and of world class standards. No matter how complex your requirements are, our experts will fix them for you. At Trufit Exhaust, we have carved a niche for ourselves by offering quality exhaust systems and other repairing services. Not only that, our experts will also offer some valuable inputs and suggestions for maintenance of the car and its parts.

We believe that innovation is the key to the comfort. Our team of professionals works continuously to understand and implement recent trends and advancements in the car exhaust industry. Research and development are two words that define our team and customer satisfaction is the motto we strive to achieve.

Contact us on 03 9555 5688 to discuss your car requirement and our friendly staff would love to help you.