Reasons Why Mufflers Become Rusty

Reasons Why Mufflers Become Rusty

Mufflers are an integral part of an exhaust system, no matter what type of motorised vehicle it may be, and as such, these should be maintained in tip-top shape in order to guarantee optimal engine performance. Unfortunately, things like rusty mufflers do occur over time, especially in coastal areas. This is inevitable, even in the most expensive or most well-maintained vehicles, because basically metal rusts.

But what exactly causes rusty mufflers? Does the rust affect the efficiency of an average muffler, and are there solutions to this problem? Here’s what you need to find out. There are a number of factors that cause muffler rust, and sometimes these are found to be normal in the average life-cycle of a muffler.

Here’s a quick look at the most common reasons for muffler rust.

What Causes Muffler Rusting

Type of Materials – The type of materials mufflers are made from vary a lot, they can consist of all sorts of metals. Mufflers that are made from reactive metals such as steel will eventually rust, thanks to the constant presence of condensation due to its action as a filter for hot, dangerous gases.

Mufflers that have been chrome plated both outside and inside are less at risk for rusting. There are even non-metallic mufflers that totally remove the whole issue of rust from the equation – mufflers like ones made from carbon fibre are guaranteed to be 100% rust-proof!

Exposure to the Elements – Old-fashioned mufflers made from base metals will eventually rust overtime, that’s a guarantee. After a few years, most stock mufflers today tend to only look good on the surface, but are being rusted through from the inside. When this happens, they need to be replaced.

For old mufflers, rain, steady cooled condensation from the engine’s exhaust, even salt and other corrosive elements that are carried through air vapour, calcifies on the surface of it and results in rust. When it comes time for a replacement, it’s best to have it replaced with stainless steel, carbon fibre, or chrome mufflers to prevent the problem of rusting.

Inevitable Drawbacks of its Function – Basically, mufflers filter exhaust from vehicles which are often laden with dangerous corrosive chemicals. These in turn pool and condense when the muffler is cooled, and then these accumulate on the surface of the muffler. The end result is rust that originates from the inside and eats through the muffler to the outside areas.

Often-times, the damage is too severe when discovered that it’s too late to repair. One great solution to fix mild to moderate rusty mufflers is to opt for muffler service that cleans out, primes, and re-installs the muffler.

Advice from Exhaust Experts about Rusty Mufflers

For very severe cases, most rusty muffler service experts suggest that you should replace the damaged muffler with one that is far more resistant to corrosion. For more information on what you can do to combat muffler rust, and the best types of mufflers to replace your old one, please visit Trufit Exhaust Systems Melbourne

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