Benefits of Having Customised and Modified Car Exhaust System?

Benefits of Having Customised and Modified Car Exhaust System?

Car modification work is a huge and all-encompassing subject but it can be reduced to a handful of factors. You’ve bought that new performance auto with an eye on performance, which is the prevailing reason, but you’re also looking for a cost-effective route to adding even more muscle. There are engine enhancements and aftermarket augmentation kits by the barrel load, but, just as with a biological system, this exciting path can be realized even faster by just improving the “breathing” of the roadster. A customised and modified car exhaust system does just this, opening up the airways of the vehicle so it can burn fuel more efficiently and generate pure forward momentum, the kind of power that pushes you back into your seat as it growls with an animal-like roar.

What You Get Isn’t Always What You Want

Aftermarket enthusiasts often purchase a vehicle knowing just how far it can be pushed. They know the factory exhaust system is a utilitarian fixture, one that allows the car to perform as documented by a set of manufacturer compiled design specifications, but they also know how those performance limits can be dramatically shifted into peak performance territory by making a few key changes to the factory profile. A customised and modified car exhaust system represents one of the easiest parts of the car to enhance. All that’s required is the right kit and the knowledge to install that kit. But the benefits of little changes can reap big rewards.

An Engineered Path to Explosive Performance

When you install a custom exhaust system, you’re placing the focus on the output side of the engine. Physics mandates this performance upgrade ethic can only take place when all forces are balanced. Therefore, if you install a heap of beefy parts into your engine, performance figures won’t be realized unless you’ve accounted for the output stage. In other words, more horsepower and torque can only develop if the exhaust is taken care of, thus highlighting the engineering quandary of what to do with an increase in back pressure. Install a widened exhaust channel, taking the wider path all the way up to the engine manifold, and the bolt-on modification releases back pressure, enabling the gas mix to escape, the engine to breathe, and the realization of a big picture outlook that includes superior acceleration.

Hi-flow performance improvements and gas restriction issues aside, the sound generated by a customised and modified car exhaust system can be truly aggressive as the tone and pitch of the exhaust shifts several octaves into the low “growl” spectrum. And, let’s not forget, a single or double exhaust plated in chromium steel creates a certain shiny aesthetic, one that just looks plain sexy.

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