What Are Magnaflow Mufflers?

What Are Magnaflow Mufflers?

The Magnaflow Mufflers name represents one of those elite brands you’ll come across from time to time. The American company produces high-quality exhaust components, is well-known in the aftermarket exhaust scene, and has earned the respect of performance enthusiasts.

Earning a Reputation by Building Parts to Exhaustive Standards

Magnaflow mufflers are manufactured from stainless steel and polished until they shine with a satin-silver glow. It’s likely that you’ll see the company logo proudly emblazoned on each alloyed housing due to the passion the exhaust manufacturer infuses into each of their products. Competently assured by these hallmarks, enthusiasts know that a Magnaflow product is more than a tough and good looking exhaust. Surface design virtuosity extends through the corrosion-resistant housing and down into the engine-optimizing core of the unit.

Internal Performance Attributes

Reputation is built on more than good looks and a durable housing. Magnaflow mufflers optimize engine output. The product reduces back pressure and maximizes horsepower throughput, using a straight-through profile to eliminate gas mix restriction issues and push the mix through the premium 400 series stainless steel chamber. The result of this optimized high flow is a dramatic upsurge in system performance and an accompanying aggressive rumble. A cutaway of the product would illustrate the build, showing the economical location of the stainless steel wool mesh wrap, the state-of-the-art acoustical filling, and the precisely engineered perforated alloy core. These parts work in concert to reinforce the race-inspired tones, all while maintaining performance.

Destined to be the Exhaust System of Choice

Already established as a must-have race exhaust system, Magnaflow mufflers are a natural fit for the gearhead market. The raw tones generated by the exhaust aren’t overbearing but they are loud enough to impress demanding aftermarket purists. Horsepower and torque receive favourable boosts, increasing power and optimizing engine output far beyond what would be possible from a factory-installed model. As if these features weren’t enough, feel the reputation of the company name echoing through you as you follow its legacy back to the days of American muscle cars. It’s a reputation that remains untarnished by the decades, set to race into the twenty-first century due to craftsman-like pride and a hard-earned understanding of engine dynamics.

Quality and proficiency are the two signature attributes of this expert exhaust system manufacturer. The quality aspect is met and surpassed through the incorporation of methodically fabricated stainless steel housings and equally robust steel innards. The proficiency half of the partnership is just as clearly defined, ably effected by tailoring straight-through exhaust pathways against roar-inducing steel mesh assemblages. Not sure if this professional-grade gear is right for you? Don’t worry, the mufflers are built with easy installation in mind, and can be installed without modifying the original exhaust hanger.

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