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If you’re looking for an authentic brand for your car’s exhaust system, it doesn’t get any better than Hurricane Headers, a family grown business right here in Australia catering to your vehicle’s engine, exhaust and emission systems effortlessly. Headers are the best bolt-on accessories for your vehicle, making it easier for the engine to push our exhaust gases efficiently. In fact, the idea behind an exhaust header is to effortlessly eliminate the engine backpressure. Coupled with the unmatched quality your hurricane headers will be one of the best modifications to your vehicle, guaranteed!

You don’t want to be stuck with a damaged exhaust system, ruining your vehicle’s engines with each passing day. Shopping Hurricane Headers for your vehicle is now easier than ever.

Cutting-edge Design Backed by Years of Experience

Repeated usage over the years can cause your vehicle header to reduce its efficiency. Regardless of that, whether you’re looking for a header replacement or trying to get a new pair installed in your vehicle, Trufit Exhaust is the place to be. While Hurricane Headers, 100% Australia-made have been in the industry for decades, Trufit Exhaust has matched shoulders with the leading exhaust accessory brand by delivering ace solutions from selling Hurricane headers to repairing, replacing, and modifying your existing ones.

With Hurricane headers, the trusted brand, you can get a wide range of products, hand-made to enhance your vehicle’s engine system. Unlike other brands, Hurricane uses state-of-the-art technology to design and curate all their products using both Mandrel and Press bending technologies.

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One of the leading exhaust and emission workshops in Melbourne, Trufit Exhaust has established a best-in-class platform where you can buy top-notch brands excelling at their product quality and diversity. But wait, that’s not all. Employing a skilled workforce with years and years of potent experience, Trufit Exhaust offers a wide array of repairing and replacement solutions too.

A quality header can really change your vehicle’s functioning systems by not only enhancing its effectiveness, but also ensuring quality products pave the path for seamless long-term experience. Enhance your engine’s original efficiency with a Hurricane header. If you have any additional queries, you can always reach us with a simple call.

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