What is an Axle Back Exhaust?

What is an Axle Back Exhaust?

As the name implies, a bolt-on axle back exhaust system starts at the rear axle. Everything from the rear wheels to the mufflers tips can be included in this kit. A cursory examination of an upgraded aftermarket exhaust system that uses axle-back piping reveals powerful rear-end enhancements, including big improvements over factory stock parts, but no intermediate pipes are included in the package.

Let’s tackle a hypothetical example of this abbreviated design profile.

What is an Axle Back Exhaust System?

It’s the muffler, pipes, and all associated parts as far back as the rear axle. Large and attractive muffler tips fall into this product category, as do the short sections of pipe that couple to the mid or intermediate pipe.

The focus, therefore, is on supplying a superior rear-end kit, something that looks good and is capable of providing an enhanced final stage exit aperture for spent engine gases.

When Axle Back Configurations Just Make Sense

When replacing factory-installed pipes, there’s a temptation to swap out everything, every piece of pipework that attaches to the engine manifold. Granted, greater performance gains can be realized by taking this installation path, yet that’s not always the case. Often, not always, the factory exhaust system already has the potential to accelerate burned fuel away from the engine, but restrictions exist at the far end of the system.

The axle back exhaust, therefore, hooks up to the wide-diameter intermediate section to create big muffler stage gains.

Assessing the Advantages of Sectional Upgrades

The overkill method works well when cost isn’t an issue, but a professional garage is more likely to assess current exhaust performance. Instead of just switching everything out for the best kit on the market, cost is balanced against power.

In accomplishing this system-to-cost balancing act, the technician evaluates the pipes on a section-to-section basis to see where performance restrictions occur. Fair enough, if the entire system is choking the engine with back-pressure problems, then the whole exhaust package needs to be upgraded.

But, and this is an important point, if emissions control is satisfactory and the factory has created the foundations for a potentially capable exhaust profile, then the chosen kit is likely only required to extend from the rear axle.

Axle back exhaust packages are fine products for enhancing rear-end performance, the back of the car where the muffler and its tips live. It’s an exercise in aesthetics, an attempt to improve deep-throated fume exhalation while keeping costs reasonably low.