Does Exhaust Tips Change Sound?

Does Exhaust Tips Change Sound?

Your vehicle’s exhaust system can play an important role in how your vehicle looks or feels. Whether you drive a family car or a mean 4X4 truck, your car’s exhaust system can change the appearance, performance, and even the sound of the vehicle. But how? Thanks to Exhaust Tips

What are Exhaust Tips?

Popularly known as the “muffler tip” your car exhaust tip is the visible section of the exhaust- the exhaust tailpipe. The tailpipe of the exhaust is responsible for channeling and releasing harmful gases and fumes safely out of the car. Now depending on the type of vehicle you drive, your exhaust system may come in various sizes, shapes, and even styles. Some vehicles have single exhaust system while other may have two.

Exhaust tips are additional accessories for your car that fits into the existing car exhaust system. Thanks to custom options now available in the market, vehicle owners can now add this modification in their preferred style, size, and color options.

How to Choose the Right Exhaust Tip for Your Car Exhaust System?

There could be multiple reasons why a car exhaust makes unpleasant noise. It could be the resonators which are basically the noise component in the exhaust system. There could also be a leak in the exhaust pipe. However, well-maintained car exhaust systems can really benefit from adding an exhaust tip. Since there are multiple types of exhaust tips available in the market, we have created this brief overview to help you choose the right mod for your vehicle.

Single & Dual Exhaust Tips- These are pretty common and come in various styles and sizes. Although they do enhance the appearance of a vehicle, they may not be the best exhaust tip type to muffle sounds.

Titanium Exhaust Tips- The material of the exhaust tip can impact the sound in your vehicle too. If you want a deeper note, titanium exhaust tips can be a great choice to opt for. They are also sturdier compared to stainless steel tips.

Resonator Tips- These are one of the cheapest options available if you want to amplify the sound of your exhaust system rather than suppress it. These large-diameter ends with dual walls can create the best amplification.

Turndown Tips- These exhaust tips are fashioned like a faucet with a curved outlet turned downwards. These are not only helpful for redirecting the hot exhaust fumes towards the road, but can also modify the way your car exhaust sounds.

Can Exhaust Tip Length Impact the Car Exhaust Sound?

The answer is yes! Depending on what your preference is, you should opt for a longer exhaust tip if you want to muffle or suppress the sound of your exhaust system. The exhaust sound travelling through longer pipes usually gets compressed down the lane. On the other hand, shorter exhaust pipes tend to be loud. It is important to note, that exhaust tips with smaller outlets (small diameter) too can restrict noise level, if you’re not a big fan of loud exhaust noises.

Exhaust tips are mostly used as a visual modifier for vehicles and may enhance the car exhaust system performance too. However, if you want to change how your exhaust sounds, these add-on tips can really help you do just that.