What Is a Catalytic Converter?

What is a Diesel Catalytic Converter?- Everything You Need To Know

A must-have accessory for your precious vehicles, a catalytic converter is primarily defined as an exhaust emission control device. That means, it is responsible for the reduction of toxic gases and fumes emitting from your vehicle’s internal combustion engine. With the rampant increase in pollution levels, Govt. all across the world have taken a stricter stand towards environment pollution; most of it occurring due to the frequent use of automobiles. In fact, vehicle emission was posing such a threat to our environment that the Australian Govt. in 1986 ordered vehicle owners to thoroughly clean their car emission systems for residual toxicity. This was enforced alongside a new law that made catalytic converters a mandate for every vehicle plying on the road.

Now think about your vehicle and its wellbeing. Toxic gases and fumes trapped inside your vehicle is not just a threat to the environment, but to your car too. Imagine all the toxic gases piling up inside your engine. Most of them are paving their way to more irreparable damage within.

To simplify it down, catalytic converters are responsible for converting toxic gas into less-toxic, environmentally-sustainable gas (before the vehicle emits it out of its system). And this is done through chemical reactions that strips the gases of its toxicity, thereby cleaning the gases of its harmful properties.

Catalytic Converter Exhaust- How Do They Work?

Your vehicle’s engine usually emits harmful substances in the form of nitric oxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide etc. The sole purpose of your catalytic converter is to filter out these very harmful toxicities in the gas, leaving only carbon dioxide and water vapour as vehicle emissions. Now, the conversion is usually done through chemical reactions thanks to the catalyst present in the converter.

Your catalytic converter resembles a honeycomb structure, coated in catalysts. The honeycomb structure ensures the gas touches a broader area of catalysts. That way, the gas emitted by your engine can convert quicker and better before releasing itself from the exhaust. Usually, expensive metals such as platinum or rhodium are used as catalysts which increase the catalyst converter cost or value. Unfortunately, these catalysts are quite indispensable in nature. And because of your catalytic converters price, these accessories often fall prey to petty thefts.

Where Will I Find the Catalytic Converter in My Car?

Initially, these converters were placed near the engine, since the reactive elements in the catalyst needed high temperature to work well. However, the placement was later changed due to certain reactions. The converter was moved further away from the engine area and today you can find your catalytic converter exhaust near your vehicle’s exhaust system.

Can Catalytic Converters be Cleaned?

Your Catalytic Converters faces a lot of toxic gases which is why clogs can be a normal affair. However, ignoring a clogged catalytic converter may make your vehicle fail the emission test. This is because clogged or unclean converters reduce the efficiency of the converter. Now, your catalytic converters have a lot of noble metals in them which is why cleaning a converter can’t be a DIY project for you. Most vehicle owners trust their neighbourhood catalytic converter cleaners to get the job done. These experts do a terrific job in cleaning. What’s more? They can also ensure your converter will be in pristine condition without damage once they are done.

In fact, these converters are frequently exposed to harmful gases. Inefficiency and malfunctions are not uncommon in cases like this. Instead of splurging on a new unit, you can always opt for catalytic converter repair services from exhaust experts in Australia. In fact, if you’re working with a reputed catalytic converter cleaner in Melbourne, you can even get other services like repair or catalytic converter replacement services and not just cleaning.

Do Catalytic Converter Cleaners Really Work?

Harmful gases emitted by your vehicle has to pass through the converter. Hence, if your exhausts complain about a lot of carbon build-up, you better believe them. Carbon build-up or clogging is quite common in catalytic converters; especially if they are old. That’s why catalytic converter cleaners often focus on breaking down the stubborn build-up. So, if you’re asking whether catalytic converter cleaners work, we’d say YES! They are effective every time in clearing out the carbon build-up.

But do note, if you’re ignoring catalytic converter maintenance for way too long, chances are that your catalytic converter replacement costs will be quite high!

Is Your Catalytic Converter ‘Bad’?

In a nutshell, catalytic converters are critical for your vehicle and the environment but inadequate care or maintenance can take a toll on your converters. With years of usage, the catalytic converter’s efficiency starts declining. Before you know it, there are strange odours in your car. Your check engine light is blinking away. Your vehicle is failing all the emission tests! Now at a time like this, mere cleaning will not be enough to get your car back on the road! You may have to opt for a catalytic converter replacement.

Let us list down some of the most common symptoms that indicate a bad catalytic converter. These would include-

A rotten/ sulfur smell inside the car

Difficulty in starting your engine

The check engine light will be blinking constantly

Exhaust smoke will be darker in colour

Engine performance will degrade over time

Your vehicle will produce excessive heat

Acceleration performance will be reduced

These are just some of the basic symptoms that you may experience. The underlying damage will be much detrimental. So, what can you do at a time like this? Bring your vehicle to one of the seasoned exhaust experts in Melbourne and get a comprehensive inspection and maintenance check done on your converters.


The Trufit Way

Catalytic Converter price in Australia has always been on the higher-end. That’s why our Trufit experts have come up with a comprehensive check-up routine. We’ll first inspect your car for fault. And then works up a budgeted repair or replacement solution that fits both your budget and your car. Let our auto-repairing maestros take care of the cleaning and repairing. Meanwhile, Trufit has a personal inventory of some of the premium branded catalytic converters for replacement so that you get nothing but the best for your car!


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